My Month of New Technology

I'm David Eisinger, and I'm learning a new technology every day for a month.

Day 26: CSS3

After missing yesterday (my first out-and-out failure), I decided to hop back in with CSS3. CSS, or cascading stylesheets, are the way the look-and-feel of websites are defined. Good websites, at least. We’ve basically been using CSS2, or some version thereof, for the last ten years. As older browsers are getting phased out and replaced by newer ones, though, we’re starting to see designers get more comfortable using CSS3 properties, like rounded corners, in their websites.

To kick it off, I looked at this article from WebMonkey. WebMonkey holds a special place in my heart, since I basically learned Javascript, CSS, PHP, even Flash from the articles they published in the mid-to-late nineties. It presented a very basic overview of some CSS3 properties. Next, I waded through countless “TOP 97 CSS3 TIPS AND TRICKS” posts and found this intro from Smashing Magazine, which provided a much more thorough intro to the capabilities of CSS3.

Feeling pretty comfortable with the various properties available, I pulled up this tutorial from NetTuts and worked my way through it. Super cool to see multi-column text and table-based layouts in action. Finally, I messed around with some of the cutting-edge CSS animations. This page especially did a good job presenting some of the options with easily-readable source code.

CSS3 was by far the least technical subject I’ve addressed this month, but I’m glad I took an hour to get a handle on all of its various abilities. Also, it was good to get a bit of a breather, as I plan to tackle both Erlang and Haskell on the plane ride back to NC tomorrow.